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Lasernet for any ERP

Whatever your ERP solution, we’ve got you covered

We’re in it for the long-haul

Whether you’re using the latest version of an enterprise ERP solution or still staring at a green screen, we’ve got your back. For 30 years’ Lasernet has been formatting, printing, delivering and archiving data from ERP solutions around the globe, making the world of document management just that bit of a better place.


Let Lasernet help you help yourself

If you take a look at our brief product presentation video, we will literally change your life (at least the part where you’re fed up with bad document software, the rest is still up to you).


It's time to wake from your legacy system nightmare

We understand the limitations and frustrations that come with legacy systems and our solutions offer proven relief. You may feel that you’re the only organisation out there using unsupported and incompatible software, which is expensive or impossible to replace, but you’re not alone.

For those that have not kept pace with new software developments, the cost to maintain your current systems is high, while functionality remains low. When systems aren’t talking to each other or need many hours of human intervention for new configurations, it’s time to implement change.

Whatever your industry or sector, the need for free-flowing integrated information continues to increase over time. Moving from paper-based documents to electronic versions is becoming mandatory in many areas, mostly for their cost-saving benefits along with the added security they offer. It’s a win-win situation for both your business and customers.


Don't Just Take Our Word for It

Lasernet has revolutionized the document management processes of over 2500 organisations worldwide. Let us show you how to streamline your processes while reducing costs and better serving your customers’ requirements. As Lasernet is truly scalable, we’ve been working with everyone from the new kids on the block right the way through to global leaders.

The core of Lasernet is our ability to take spool, XML or any other data format from your ERP solution and easily format, process and deliver it. Our powerful tools allow you to create and distribute brand rich documents in any format, such as DOCX, PDF, XLSX, XHTML, XML, JSON, EDI, and CSV.

Whatever your system, we've got the solution

Lasernet provides your users with an intuitive drag and drop interface which allows them to quickly and easily design, distribute and update documents, all while adhering to your corporate standards.

Whether it’s document input, output or even both that’s causing you a headache, you’re in safe hands with Lasernet.  Lasernet supports EuroSox, Sarbanes Oxley, Basel II accounting rules, as well as plenty of local XML formatting regulations, thereby meeting all legal requirements.

If document archiving is your thing, we’ve got that covered too. Providing the principles of digital preservation, you will not only be able to archive from Lasernet, but also search and retrieve your data. The Lasernet archive is information-rich, displaying when, to whom and how the document was sent. It also enables instant multi-resend functionality of an exact copy of what was created at that point in time.


If this is all sounding good, don’t be ashamed of your software situation, come to us for help as we’ve seen it all before. For further information or to book a demo, contact us today.


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Contact us if you want more information about our products & what they can do for you & your organisation.