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Long-Term Archive

Digital Data Preservation Made Simple

The offer

Creative thinking brings Long-Term Archive to the forefront of digital data preservation. We're not limiting ourselves to archiving, we're cutting costs, ensuring compliance and setting data free from the prisons that are legacy systems.


Let our products help you help yourself

If you take a look at our brief product presentation video, we will literally change your life (at least the part where you’re fed up with bad digital preservation software, the rest is still up to you).


Data, data everywhere

Data is fascinating stuff and globally we are being forced to create more and more until we have so much that we are no longer able to effectively store and process it. Sound familiar?

Looking back, someone somewhere within your organisation probably signed up to the latest piece of software, left it running in the background and ticked a box to say archiving had been ‘dealt with’. Fast forward to now and that system is costing a fortune to maintain and no longer meets today's requirements.

Technology has moved on but your data is frozen in time. The data stored is trapped and cannot be searched, retrieved and presented in its required format in a timely and comprehensive manner.

Moving to another solution may seem like attempting to achieve the impossible but change needs to happen to unleash the power of your data and achieve internal and regulatory compliance.


Don't worry, we'll do it

Imagine Long-Term Archive as a giant data sponge that has the ability to absorb the data from your current solution and hold it in one place. Once inside, it's quick and easy to manage the data as documents and objects can be searched, located and retrieved at the click of a button.

For those considering change, moving systems is a daunting task. With our minimum effort ingestion approach, we minimise this by streamlining your migration and guaranteeing your data security from day one. Our proven approach breaks the task down into chunks and brings the ability to accept various system outputs, completing the process over time. You are left with a fully compliant solution that fits your needs, bringing together disparate systems into one single, easy to use, future-proof platform.

A single platform and peace of mind

Long-Term Archive by Formpipe is a digital data preservation platform that follows best practice guidelines of the OAIS methodology and ISO 14721 & 15489 to ensure organisations are storing human-readable documents, objects and data for the long term (50 years' +).

Our team is experienced at adding value to long term data preservation projects by introducing methods that will ensure access security, reduce search and retrieval times and save your organisation money.

You choose how your data is stored, whether it is in a known preservation format, its native format or both. When you no longer need it, you can simply perform a controlled deletion, saving even more money by freeing up space taken up with what is no longer needed.

Whatever your current situation is, we are sure we can help. Now is the time to take your data our of its prison and let your users enjoy the benefits of its freedom.


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