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Get my data Business-ready

Get full use out of your IT systems & create value for organisations, for citizens, for the benefit of society!


Make your data valuable

The volume of data we store is rising at the speed of light. But can we use it all? To get your data business-ready it must be of good quality so it can easily be used in multiple contexts. Quality Control by Formpipe helps our customers with just that. We want you to get full use out of the many IT systems you and your company are using every day, as well as the ones you don't use quite as often. Business-ready data is necessary for creating value - for organisations, for citizens, for the benefit of society.

In control, or overwhelmed by your data?

Data volumes are rising tremendously. Data complexity increases as information is used across an ever-growing IT infrastructure. It is gradually a condition for all businesses. Private and public. Big and small. It also means that the opportunities to use digital knowledge to create value for employees, customers, citizens, and society have never been better.

The digital footprint in the organisations many IT systems contain multiple perspectives and fantastic profit opportunities. These are opportunities that were quite unimaginable and unattainable just a few years ago. Data will soon flow freely between systems - automatically and when the recipient so desires.

Quality Control

The challenge

There's just a teeny tiny problem. The data quality in the vast majority of major administrative solutions is simply not good enough. And then it all falls to the ground. The challenge is trivial but far-reaching enough to put a stick in the development wheel. The problem can be compared to shopping for construction supplies in a DIY store…

Let Quality Control help you help yourself

Want to learn more about Quality Control & all the cool stuff it can do? Book a demo today!


A bucket of paint vs. missing data

You are looking for some wall paint in your local DIY store for an interior project. But when you finally find the right shelf, it’s empty. There should be one left in stock… later on, you find that the paint was placed on the shelf for screws. It has been there for some time, and the expiration date has long since passed. You, therefore, choose to abandon the project.

The situation with the paint may as well be information about a customer or some other important data. If information is placed on the wrong 'shelf' then it simply cannot be used actively. If data has a misleading label, journal code or security group, it can be very difficult to retrieve and view in another context. This can also create doubts about data accuracy. Inaccurate or misplaced data becomes difficult to share and of no real value.

Users today usually rely on experience and manual steps to find and act on data. Integrated and automated systems would save time and offer users less stress and reduced workload. That will definitely make them happier.


Sanne Nielsen, Document & Case Management Coordinator

“Quality Control has given us a whole new consciousness on
how we should handle data, and valuable support for our overall
handling when it comes to registration. It's a brilliant system!”

From an unstructured mess, to high quality data

We care about data being accessible, accurate and business-ready, and we help our customers with just that. With high data quality, you can make the most of your business solutions to gain valuable insights, generate reports, automate and transfer data between systems.

We have developed Quality Control by Formpipe, a solution that ensures data in our customers' IT systems is accurate, accessible and business-ready. The solution ensures that data is not flawed, or located on the shelf for screws. This means that our customers are well on their way to reaping the digital rewards that are right in front of them.

Quality Control is a standards platform that helps you make better use of your IT systems. The solution forms the basis for large efficiency gains in the use of IT. Also, the solution prevents data breaches in your organisation.


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