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Digital Preservation

Keeping your data safe and secure for generations to come


What does the future look like for your data?

We’re not sure what any of us are going to look like in 50 years’ +, but one thing we can guarantee is that your data will not have changed one bit (or byte).

Digital preservation is big and wide ranging. It involves the safeguarding of our digital heritage for future generations, futureproofing the use of digital assets for commercial organisations and ensuring we as individuals are protected from our digital identities being mis-used.


Let our products help you help yourself

If you take a look at our brief product presentation video, we will literally change your life (at least the part where you’re fed up with bad digital preservation software, the rest is still up to you).

Long live digital

The digital era began and progressed rapidly within a generation. As we move further into the digital journey, we become more reliant on systems and the need for a coherent, long-term and deliverable strategy increases.

This poses a challenge to the business world where the need to retain documents, data and objects can be for internal use but also for customers or regulatory bodies. Understanding what digital preservation best practice needs to be followed is not a simple task.


Times have changed

There’s more to consider than meets the eye when it comes to archiving and where many organisations already have a solution in place, it pays to evaluate your current processes as better long term software solutions have come to market which can save money whilst increasing performance and compliance.

A Company in Banking & Insurance Choose Long-Term Archive

A company in the Banking & Insurance Industry has signed a contract with Formpipe regarding the e-archiving product Long-Term Archive. The goal is to secure long-term preservation of digital information.


Keep what you need, delete what you don’t

Formpipe understand your requirements for retention periods, deletion rules, preservation file formats and permission matrices. This is all underpinned by our knowledge of OAIS model and ISO led best practice.

Regardless of your need being driven by a legacy system/application being retired, the upgrade of an existing system, merger and acquisition activity OR to meet regulatory compliance, we can understand the need to be able to search and retrieve easily a comprehensive set of records that are in human readable format and guaranteeing that will be the case in 50+ years. Equally we can build in retention periods that lead to controlled deletion of chosen content types insuring your organisation is only retaining what you need to.

We follow a proven methodology that identifies your unique organisational requirements whilst also considering OAIS and ISO standards and efficiency opportunities. Once within an active project we will accept your native data and where required generate additional metadata to enable an ingestion process that results in a usable and navigable archive.


Lars Näslund, IT Manager, CIO

“We didn’t find any other archiving system on the market that offered us a real alternative. Either these were not sufficiently standardised for our operations or they were not designed to meet the requirements.”

Read the full story >

Let’s look long-term

Long Term Archive is a proven, market leading digital preservation platform offering storage independence with the option to utilise low cost and highly configurable Azure storage options.

For further information or to book a demo, contact us today.

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