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Electronic signatures

Digital management throughout the workflow – eliminates the need for printing, in-person signing and scanning.

Time-consuming processes

Administrators and decision-makers have many documents and decisions to deal with. This often entails heavy workloads for administrators who manage digital meetings. Documents, minutes of meetings and decisions must be signed by multiple parties. If done in person, this is a time-consuming, inefficient process.

It puts a lot of pressure on the signatories to be present and it is also burdensome for administrators. They are tasked with printing papers, send out minutes of meetings for approval and then collecting the documents to be processed and subsequently archived. And we haven’t even mentioned organisations’ high costs of keeping such processes alive.

Electronic signatures

This trend is creeping up

E-signatures and digitised documents have become commonplace in the private sector. This enables documents to be managed regardless of location or device. The trend is also beginning to creep into the public sector, a catalyst that will streamline processes and benefit the general public. It will be nothing less than the final link in the digital chain.

An application to support e-signature should be able to:

  • digitise the entire signing process;
  • reduce paper handling and duplicate registration of documents and minutes;
  • put advanced electronic signatures on documents.
  • capture electronic signatures to enable instant document archiving.
A group of people with umbrellas waiting at a pedestrian crossing

How does it work?

Signeringsportalen is an online application that enables politicians and administrators to digitally sign documents and meeting minutes. The solution is fully integrated into our Platina and W3D3 systems, but well-defined APIs make it possible to use it with other systems as well.

Documents are digitally processed throughout, saving both time and money. In addition, the document may be continuously processed in the organisation’s own system at the same time. This quality assurance process makes sure that you, as a signatory or administrator, are signing and/or archiving the correct version of the documents.

Closeup of something that looks like a stone slab


Signeringsportalen is a convenient tool that facilitates the handling of electronic signatures. Seamlessly integrated into Platina and W3D3, the solution enables easy e-signing for meeting participants, managers, contract signatories, new employees, etc. All it takes is a web browser and access to mobile BankID.


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