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Get GDPR Compliant

Find all sensitive information in my Outlook, on my drives & in my IT systems


Do you want peace of mind & make sure your organisation is GDPR compliant?

If you have a suspicion that there might be some sensitive information in old emails, meeting notes or documents on your computer or shared drives, and that this data is not as protected as it should be; then you have a possible GDPR risk on your hands.

You are certainly not alone, many companies and organisations struggle with this headache. But instead of putting your head in the sand and hope for the best, you can do something about it. The best thing is – it doesn’t have to be that hard! We have developed a software solution called Quality Control.  It takes care of all that boring work and makes you comply with GDPR in a heartbeat. Quality Control is your best friend when you want to get GDPR compliant – and stay that way.

Let Quality Control help you help yourself

Want to learn more about Quality Control & all the cool stuff it can do? Book a demo today!

How we used to do it (spoiler alert: we did nothing special)

GDPR risks are found in many areas of your business, for example:

Just think of how the practice of email communication with customers and colleagues was quite a few years ago. Then it was not uncommon for sensitive information about a person’s private situation, to be part of the correspondence. Unfortunately, experience also shows that emails are very rarely deleted from email accounts.

It is common practice to create a Word document when starting a case or project file. The document may be stored on the desktop or the shared drive of the department, when it is in draft form (or “a work in process”). At some point, the document is finalised and loaded into a document management system, but the original draft remains on the drive. Two identical documents now lie in two different places. One is protected, the other is not. Of course, one should be deleted right away. Will it always be? Experience shows that this happens occasionally. But certainly not always.

Quality Control

That feeling...

The examples above were standard business practice not so long ago, but now it’s a big NO-NO with the GDPR Regulation in place. However, practices have not changed significantly in most organisations and the 'sins' of the past are so extensive that ordinary data hygiene and occasional clean-up is completely inadequate. You have the feeling that something is being missed, but you don’t know where and how. So how do you know you’ve been sufficiently thorough in your clean-up?

Gartner lists Quality Control in their 2020 Market Guide for File Analysis Software

In Gartner's latest international market guide on data and file analysis software, Formpipe's Quality Control is highlighted as one of 20 leading solutions in the market. This is the second time in a row where Formpipe is mentioned as a central supplier of this important type of tool.


Didn't you get your data completely cleaned up?

Imagine a solution that can scan your entire IT environment and make sure that all your emails, documents, files, archives and data storage systems are properly cleansed for GDPR compliance. Imagine the value of safeguarding your organisation against data leaks, fines and of being the next embarrassing cover story. Most importantly, imagine it giving you the peace of mind you may lack when talking about GDPR compliance in your organisation.

Imagine also the time savings by avoiding having to go through all the work you have done over the last 10-20 years and not have to open and close thousands of emails, cases, documents, etc. manually.  If you only have to decide what to buy, keep, accept, move, etc. it will suddenly be far easier to comply with the GDPR, as well as enforce the organisation’s secure data management rules.

If you and your colleagues need to do the clean-up yourself, you run the risk of making mistakes and missing some data. We are only human. The risk is great when we have to control our own work, and interpret the guidelines that are set out for us. Therefore, the task becomes perpetual – will you ever be completely done? The reality, for most people, is that this work must be done in parallel with everything else that must also be done. Time is scarce so imagine the value of someone or something doing the job for you?


Henriette Spang Sørensen, Document & Case Management Coordinator

“Quality Control was the obvious tool for enhancing data quality across the entire organisation. After just one month working with Quality Control, it has exceeded our expectations by a long way. Our data quality has improved noticeably, and that is a really positive thing.”

Read the full story >

Giant sculpture ”Man meets the sea” in Esbjerg

Let someone else do the dirty work

We have developed Quality Control by Formpipe, a solution that scans, identifies and presents to you all things that do not comply with GDPR, general good data security, or your organisation’s special data management requirements. The solution asks you how to deal with any breaches of the GDPR or your own data security rules. The solution even performs the time-consuming and boring clean-up operation by itself. How about that?

Quality Control is your best friend when it comes to data clean-up throughout your IT environment. The solution contains several rules designed to monitor compliance with GDPR and your data security or ethics policies. But that’s not all, the solution also ensures that everything produced in the future meets the same standard. If any documents, emails, notes, calendar invitations, etc. conflict with any of the rules, you will be notified. From here you can act on the violations, quick and easy.

The system can be customised to optimise it for your individual data security needs. We know from our existing customers that creating and implementing new data security rules and practices is an ongoing process. Therefore, we developed the system to be customisable for your individual data security needs.

Your work environment will be a much happier place if you can eliminate the boring, time-consuming data cleaning (or security) tasks from your day. The morale of the entire office will get a big boost by automating data security and compliance. Just try us and see for yourself!


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