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Become GDPR compliant - fully automated

Gain control of all the GDPR puzzle pieces 


Data is rising everywhere

For every day, hour, minute and second, the amount of data is steadily rising in all organizations - regardless of industry and whether the organization is private or public. However, the increasing amount of data presents a number of challenges. For even the biggest puzzle is worthless if there are pieces missing. 

If, on the other hand, you are in control of all the pieces, then it makes sense to give up collecting. Similarly, data suddenly becomes valuable when organizations have an overview and full insight into the total amount of data, across systems and sources. This can be done completely automatically with a digital assistant. 

In the good old days

The risk of not complying with the GDPR legislation is high and the rules are complicated. GDPR has radically changed our focus on data and personal data, and although we in the Nordic countries have always had sound data practices, practices have changed radically in recent years. We do not have to go far until it was commonplace that both CPR and other personal data were part of mail correspondence or were stored on the desktop as an intermediary, so that it was never properly archived. It was actually – with hand on the heart - probably the everyday life for many. Maybe it has never been the case with your own data practices, but what about your colleagues, or the mess that previous employees may have left behindQuite unintentional of course. 

The fact is that most organizations simply lack the overall overview. The knowledge that sufficient data has been cleaned backwards over time is hard to find. The same is the confidence that all processes and guidelines are adhered to across the entire organization. 

Gartner highlights Adoxa again

In Gartner's market data and file analysis software 2020, Adoxa is highlighted as one of the world's leading data and file analysis tools. This is the second time in a row that Formpipe is being highlighted as a central supplier of this essential type of computer tool. 


Didn't you get your data completely cleaned up?

Imagine if someone or something was cleaning up your emails, your files and your IT systems. The clean up is so thorough that you no longer have to worry about GDPR being complied with. It can safeguard your organization against data leaks, fines and cover stories - and, most importantly, gives you the peace of mind you may lack when talking about GDPR compliance in your organization. 

Just think if you can avoid going through all the work you've done over the last 10-20 years and not have to open and close thousands of mails, cases, documents, etc. 

If you and your colleagues have to do the clean-up yourselves, you run the risk of making mistakes and ignoring important problematic issues in data. We are only human. And the risk is great when we have to control our own work, and maybe even interpret the guidelines that are set out for us. Therefore, the task will not be completed in the first place, but is a continuous recurring event. And will you ever be completely finished? 

The reality, for most people, is that this work of cleaning up data, continuously, must be done in parallel with other tasks - which are value-adding and not just about cleaning and good data hygiene. So what if you had your own digital stain remover that did this work for you? 

Let someone else do the data cleaning

Formpipe has developed a solution that can make these recognizable sweepers come to the past. Adoxa is your digital assistant to ensure high data quality and GDPR compliance across all systems and data sources. Adoxa ensures effective cleaning of your organization’s existing data (including what you didn't know you had lying around) - and just like an effective robotic vacuum cleaner, will ensure that all data - now and in the future - meets the organization's and society's ongoing data requirements. 

Adoxa scans, identifies and presents you with all aspects of your organization's data that do not comply with GDPR, general data security or your organization's specific data management requirements. Our software ensures efficient data cleanup across all of your data sources; Outlook, Office365, Teams, Sharepoint, file drives, ESDH system, etc. The solution contains a set of rules designed to keep track of compliance with GDPR and your individual data security and data ethics policies. 

We know from our existing customers that there can be "sport" in finding new rules and practices that contribute to higher data security. After all, it is a fundamental satisfaction when you can see that the tasks disappear automatically from your desk. Then enjoy seeing how data security is continuously improving in the organization, in the team, and in your own daily tasks.  

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