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Acadre Web optimises data security and workflow for Municipality of Assens

The Municipality of Assens is using Acadre Web to optimise its procedures and guarantee far more stringent data security for schools and daycare facilities. “We were up and running with Acadre Web after just 3.5 hours of training,” says Pia Jensen, project manager for digitisation and welfare technology for the Municipality of Assens.

The Municipality of Assens has been using Formpipe’s ESDH system, Acadre, since the amalgamation of municipalities in 2007. Implementation of Acadre Web for all schools and daycare facilities in the municipality began in 2016, although no digitisation had been implemented at all prior to that. This decision has turned out to be a success offering many advantages. This is why Acadre Web has now been rolled out to all other schools and daycare facilities in the Municipality of Assens.

Index finger above the on/off button on laptop

When implementation is a breeze

Acadre Web is the web-based version of the ESDH system Acadre, which can be accessed from mobile devices, tablets and computers. This provides a flexibility that is particularly beneficial to the municipality’s decentralised units; including schools and daycare facilities, where no digitisation has taken place previously. It has become necessary overtime to move the ESDH system all the way out to the decentralised units in the municipality, ensuring efficiency, flexibility, dynamism and a high level of security.

The actual implementation procedure has been successful for the municipality, even though this required system links for lots of completely new users who were not necessarily particularly used to IT systems. Although a new IT system requires a cultural shift which takes time and demands managers who are strong and have a visible presence, this system is so easy to use that it has been really well received by the decentralised units. “Our users were up and running with Acadre Web after just 3.5 hours of training. The system is easy to navigate and very intuitive, and it has generally been really well received,” says Pia Jensen.

The municipality of Assens has prepared thoroughly for the implementation by visiting all units and clarifying their procedures and challenges, and managers and superusers were prepared thoroughly for the gigantic task awaiting them. The aim of this is to ensure that everyone receives the best possible support.

And after this comes the follow-up, which according to Pia Jensen is every bit as important. “We still have to remember to maintain a visible presence and ensure that everyone gets the full benefit of the system, and that individual managers maintain their focus on the job.”

Pile of documents and colorful folders

An investment that is paying off

“The implementation of Acadre Web is an investment that is definitely worthwhile for us. We now have a much better workflow and a greater overview of our procedures, which have been optimised and streamlined. All our archives are now gathered together in a single location so that the same information is available to all. Most importantly of all, we are now compliant with all regulations for the secure storage of personal data. These are very tangible benefits that make life easier for users and considerably raise the level of their work,” says Pia Jensen, describing the investment in Acadre Web.


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