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We are now entering a whole new era when it comes to working with data

At the Municipality of Hvidovre, Formpipe’s Quality Control is ensuring that no sensitive personal data escapes from the organisation’s disk drives and ESDH systems. This system is setting completely new standards for proactive work involving the organisation’s data quality. At the same time, it is preparing the organisation effectively to handle GDPR.

“It originally began as a data quality project designed to enhance the quality of our data and create security with regard to document management, archiving and publication of data. But we rapidly realised there was a link with our organisation’s overall security project in respect of GDPR,” explains Søren Ladefoged, centre manager for digitisation at the Municipality of Hvidovre.

“This system is particularly relevant given the requirements of the GDPR,” he continues, “and in 2018 we are embarking upon a new era that is forcing us to approach data quality in a completely new way and much more actively than ever before.”

Abandoned shopping cart on purple asphalt with night sky

Data quality now has genuine value

Quality Control is constantly scanning data in the Municipality of Hvidovre’s ESDH system Acadre and the organisation’s disk drives. Accordingly, this tool offers the municipality’s staff a simple and action-oriented overview of their own specific data quality on the basis of selected rules. Staff can proactively ensure their own data is of high quality with just a few clicks; and at the same time, the management can regularly create overviews of current data quality within the organisation.

Quality Control has given the Municipality of Hvidovre the opportunity to view data quality through fresh eyes.

“Quality Control is an efficient tool that meets many requirements and needs when it comes to day-to-day work with data,” says Søren Ladefoged. “The fact that we can use Quality Control to look at data as a specific value and allow the system to verify the quality of individual staff members’ data entry work is incredibly valuable.”

This opinion is shared by Sanne Nielsen, ESDH coordinator at the Municipality of Hvidovre:

“Quality Control has given us completely new awareness of how we should process data, along with enormous insight into our general filing practice. This is a brilliant system. Simply brilliant.”

Windows on a purple facade

The system nudges you towards better data practice

Users at the Municipality of Hvidovre have welcomed the new system.

“This system is easy and straightforward for our users to use,” says Sanne Nielsen. “It has been very well received in all departments. The fact that we have been able to adjust and simplify rules and guidelines ourselves, and thereby make it very clear to case officers what has to be done with individual action request from the system, has also made the system even more user-friendly.”

This is particularly due to the fact that the system is not a control solution but a tool that provides assistance. As Søren Ladefoged puts it: “It allows staff to check their own work, giving them help to help themselves and encouraging them to take responsibility for their own data quality work.”

Søren Ladefoged perceives a great deal of learning potential in the system.

“In reality, you can aim for the system to render itself superfluous to requirements in the future. The system comes with an interesting learning and nudging element for staff. Ideally, this will mean that the system will alter everyone’s general data practice over time so that advisories will gradually be reduced before finally grinding almost to a halt, except in rare cases.

This opinion is backed by Sanne Nielsen:

“This will change and improve all aspects of our data work significantly in the future,” she says.

Laptop reflecting purple and orange light

GDPR sets new standard for data insight

Quality Control can be linked to any system you like, such as Exchange, OneDrive, Navision or SharePoint.

Søren Ladefoged reckons there are many other potential improvements that can be made at the Municipality of Hvidovre:

“I reckon Quality Control offers a great deal of potential, and we will might be able to integrate even more data sources in future.” However, initially the organisation was particularly in need of an overview of data quality on its disk drives.

“The security aspect was why we decided to implement Quality Control on our disk drives as well. Quite simply, we had no specific or documentable overview of what was on our drives. We were forced to acquire this insight, particularly given the new EU General Data Protection Regulation,” explains ESDH coordinator Sanne Nielsen.

“I am absolutely certain that this system is placing us in a far better position from which to handle the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and to meet more stringent requirements concerning the safe processing and publication of data,” she concludes.


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