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This is the offer

Brief summary of whole page (approx. 3 sentences containing all relevant keywords), number of customers, the absolute best customer quote imagined, elevator pitch and top three things with [software].

Keep in mind  What do you want the reader to do when reading this? Book a demo? Watch a film? Wherever you take the reader, make sure you catch her/him!

Book a demo

Placeholder for a call-to-action banner with a prompt for the reader to booking a demo (Buying what we sell).


Summary of solution description/descriptions

Summary of one or multiple solution descriptions that supports the software . This paragraph/paragraphs should resonate completely with the targeted audience’s business needs. Describe them! Put yourself in the chair of the customer and imagine you found yourself a purple, cool website. What would engage you?

Cover these things:

  • Target audience’s business needs
  • Market trends supporting your case
  • Highlighted business needs/market trends that drive the need for the specific software

The result

How do we, Formpipe, solve the customer’s challenge? Take the reader through the process from having business needs to achieving business success! Alongside this, keep in mind that we must do something different? What’s the hidden unicorn in our way/our software’s way of solving problems and creating true value?

Focus on these things:

  • How we/our software take customers from distress to success
  • What differentiates us
  • What the result is by implementing the software (reduced risk? Freed up time? Increased quality? Money saved?) Be bold! Bring in some ROI figures if you got them.

What is [Software]?

1.    What is [software]?

Imagine all up until this point sounds amazing. You’ve engaged the reader to join you all the way to revealing what it is that’s going to solve all of hers/his problems! Then what is it that accomplish so great things?

Present the software with a functional overview. Make it stand out. Describe the technical aspects of the products that you believe is compelling for the reader to hear more about.

Wrap it all up in a summary and bring in the elevator pitch back and a call to action. Make it engaging.

Focus on these things:

  • Functional overview tied to the how
  • Technical overview
  • Summary and elevator pitch

Text is followed by a contact form looking something like this: 

Contact Form