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Formpipe Software AB
Sveavägen 168, Stockholm
Box 231 31, 104 35 Stockholm
SE – Sverige

Tel: +46 8 555 290 60


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2750 Ballerup
Tel: +45 3325 6555

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England, Cambridge

First Floor, Block A, Harston Mill,
Cambridge – CB22 7GG
Tel: +44 1223 872747


England, Nottingham

Unit 1, Isaac Newton Centre 
Nottingham Science Park
Nottingham – NG7 2RH
Tel: +44 115 924 8475



Formpipe Lasernet GmbH
Am Flughafen
60549 Frankfurt am Main



Formpipe, inc.
1200 US Highway 22 E Suite 2000
Bridgewater, NJ 08807
Tel : +1 908 200 7937


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Thought Machine

Output- & Dokumenthanterings-lösningar för Thought Machine

Formpipe + Thought Machine

Thought Machine develops Vault Core, a real-time cloud-native core banking engine, which can be combined with Formpipe’s document management solutions to create exceptional documentation for banks across languages and to a consistent standard.




<p>Output & Document Management Solutions for Thought Machine</p>

The Challenge

Banks and financial institutions today have an unprecedented challenge in their digital transformation journey: creating future-proof business from the legacy IT infrastructure they have today.

They require an effective means to simplify processes, improve security and provide more diverse service offerings for customers. A quick and seamless customer account opening process relies on fast access to documents and the ability for banks to supply copy statements to customers and resolve queries as they arise.

Banking solutions

Our integration with Thought Machine

  • Our integration to with Thought Machine helps to provide the ultimate communication platform to complement their modern digital core banking system.
  • Using the raw data output from Vault Core, our software allows you to design, format, produce and distribute any type of finished banking documentation to the end customer.
  • Our solution with Thought Machine helps banks to significantly cut the cost and time required to convert banking data output into multi-language letters, statements and other banking documents. Additionally banks are able to enable digital archiving for all banking documents as they are generated or received. Everything is automatically indexed and securely stored.
<p>Our integration with Thought Machine</p>


Lasernet handles your data, allowing you to concentrate on page layout. Simply design a digital template and then drag & drop the result to the desired location. It's really that straightforward. Zero programming, consultants, or delay. Our advanced data processing engines and user-friendly design tools make it simple to structure your output exactly as you want.


Just release your EOD/COB output and send it to Lasernet. Based on the distribution preferences of your customers, our solution can handle everything. It can sort, batch, schedule, or transmit your customer-facing documents quickly to numerous broadcast channels, such as archive (and internet banking), email, 3rd party API endpoints, local printers, operations department, external print fulfilment companies, mobile messaging, or network fax.


User-friendly and easy to setup, Autoform DM offers a centrally accessible, customer-centric digital repository designed to make your data accessible from any API-enabled apps and platforms. Whether installed in the cloud or on-premise, Autoform DM's clustered, high-availability design allows it to scale to meet the needs of an ever-growing client base.


With secure round the clock document access, Autoform DM enables your staff and clients to quickly access images, signatures, forms, IDs, and financial documents through user or customer facing UIs, supported by our flexible and robust APIs for 3rd party interface integrations.

<p>Our integration with Thought Machine</p>

How it Works

Our integration with Thought Machine works by taking messages published by Vault Core on to a KAFKA topic. The event messages are then mapped to our API endpoint.

We then make use of the payloadType to determine the routing and document transformation required for the specific use case.

The integration with Thought Machine has been created with the view of being deployed in a Vault-like environment. It is shipped with k8s configuration files so that it can be deployed into a kubernetes cluster.

About Thought Machine

Founded in 2014, Thought Machine has built a next-generation, cloud-native core banking platform, Vault Core, written entirely from scratch. 

Thought Machine’s mission is a bold one – to create technology that can run the world’s banks according to the best designs and software practices of the modern age. By doing so they aim to properly and permanently rid the world’s banks of the problems generated by poor technology running on legacy infrastructure.

For more information about Thought Machine please visit their website.

<p>World map with lots of pins showing the Formpipe customers around the globe.</p>

Our Customers

We have more than 25 years of experience offering output and document management solutions to clients in over 40 countries. No matter where you are located, you will always receive the highest quality support, training and service, whether in person at your offices or remotely.

ISO 27001 Certified

Formpipe is serious about protecting the information entrusted to us by our customers and staff.

To guarantee that our Information Security Management System (ISMS) is both consistent and fit for purpose in the face of ever-shifting security threats, we perform ongoing internal and external audits and reviews in which workers at every level participate.

As such, we are pleased to be able to publish our ISO 27001 accreditation as issued by the British Assessment Bureau as an acknowledgment of our dedication to information security and best practices. Find out more here.

Our policy on Information Security is available upon request.

Our Commitment to You

We're proud of the relationships that we have built and continue to build with our partners and customers. We think it is important that you know that:

  • We collaborate closely with providers of core banking software to make sure that our integrations provide outstanding value to their platforms and ecosystems.
  • We believe in investing in our employees, ensuring that they always have access to the training tools, information, and skills required to offer the most value to each new project we undertake.
  • We are pleased to have a growing and devoted customer base. We constantly go the extra mile to guarantee the success of your projects.
  • We are here for you no matter where you are in the world.
    (We have users in nearly every time zone!)

Contact us for additional information on our solutions and how we can assist you and your team. Alternatively, you can learn more about our software for banking systems below.

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