W3D3 is a stable and powerful ECM product for efficient information management and e-services. The product has a customer base of thousands of users who benefit from W3D3 in creating order among records, files and documents.

W3D3 raise awareness for the entire organization, which information is current, where it is to find, how it is accessed and who owns access to the information.

Today, municipalities, government agencies and universities make use of W3D3 for e.g. efficient case management, document management and archiving. The packaged product streamlines the implementation project and offers a wide range of functional modules, such as SharePoint integration, Viewpoint management, Meeting management, Contract management, e-Recruitment, just to name a few.

W3D3 is a stable product that is constantly evolving through annual releases. This means that the costs of otherwise time consuming and costly investments are minimized. In W3D3 the user work in a user-friendly web interface, customized for different roles. It makes the work with W3D3 intuitive and easy to absorb, as well as this web solution eliminates the need for expensive and difficult client installations.

Needs met by W3D3 include:

  • Traceability
    Handling of documents and information needs to be available for audit and review to meet the laws and regulations. Well structured and traceable digital information and structured administration processes are the basis for a secure processing of cases. Traceability strengthens the organization's position in litigation by order in the documentation. With W3D3 the organization can achieve traceability and security that meet the requirements of laws and regulations.

  • E-services and accessibility requirements
    W3D3 is an IT support for the identified needs within the framework of the government's mandate for e-Government i.e. to improve the usability and accessibility of services in the public sector in eg. Nordic countries, streamline case management, streamlining of internal administration and give employees a good business support. Through the good integration opportunities available in the product, e-services are easily created with W3D3 as a basis. Examples of e-services used today are application processes, contract management, e-recruitment and publishing of the diary (records management). With controlled accessibility for all business documents, files and processes, W3D3 contribute to shorter lead times and more efficient information dissemination.

  • Archiving
    There are increased regulatory requirements for e-mail, paper and electronic documents to be stored and classified in a common electronic archive. With W3D3 the information and documents are stored electronically with no possibility of removal. Extracts can then be made for permanent electronic storage.

  • Improved service with fewer resources
    The need for streamlining service to customers and citizens required qualitative IT-solutions that can automate routine tasks and streamline work processes.

Examples of customers

Examples of customers who currently use W3D3 is: Lund University, Huddinge municipality, The Swedish Transportation Agency (Transportstyrelsen), The Swedish Arts Council, The City of Västerås, among others.

To learn more about W3D3

Please contact us at info.se@formpipe.com.