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08 marts 2024 Blog

Kvinder, der inspirerer: Formpipe fejrer Kvindernes internationale kampdag

Vidste du at ...?* 

  • Kun 22 % af tech-stillinger i europæiske viksomheder er besat af kvinder 
  • Andelen af kvinder i tekniske stillinger i Europa forventes at falde til 21 % inden 2027
  • Piger i folkeskolen i mindre grad bliver støttet i/opfordret til at forfølge karrierer inden for naturvidenskab, teknik, ingeniørfag og matematik sammenlignet med drenge
  • Med kun 19% af de studerende på ICT-bachelorniveau som kvinder, spiller manglende tilknytning ofte en rolle i deres frafaldsprocenter  


Trods fremskridt er ligestilling mellem kønnene i tech/IT-sektoren endnu ikke en realitet, da kvinders repræsentation i IT-sektoren stadig halter betydeligt bagefter.

Ubalancen i kønsrepræsentationen skaber ulighed, er en stopklods for innovation og hæmmer vækst og inklusion i branchen.

Selvom der er sket fremskridt, er ligestilling mellem kønnene i tech/IT-sektoren endnu ikke en realitet, da kvinder stadig er markant underrepræsenterede. Denne ubalance i kønsrepræsentationen skaber ulighed, hindrer innovation og hæmmer både vækst og inklusion i branchen.

I Formpipe ønsker vi at fremme større ligestilling i branchen og opfordrer derfor kvinder, der er interesserede i IT-branchen, til at kontakte os. Uanset om du har spørgsmål eller søger rådgivning vedrørende mulige karriereveje inden for Formpipe Software, er vi her for at hjælpe. Der er en bred vifte af karrieremuligheder både i Formpipe og i branchen generelt, herunder softwareudvikling, projektledelse, rådgivning, marketing og support. Hvis du ønsker at få mere at vide om de muligheder, der findes i Formpipe, så tøv ikke med at kontakte os - vi er her for at guide dig.

Men i dag, lige nu og her, ønsker vi at hylde de kvinder, som kollegaer på tværs af Formpipes kontorer, har nomineret i anledningen af Kvindernes Kampdag. Vi hylder både hverdagens helte og kendte heltinder, og anerkender deres bidrag til os og verden - både inden for og uden for tech/IT-sektoren. 

I dag fejrer vi kvinder, der har gjort og fortsat gør en forskel - og alle Jer, der vil gøre en forskel i fremtiden.

Kvinder, der inspirerer: Nominerede fra Formpipes svenske, engelske og danske kontorer


Victor, Marketing, Stockholm:  Ester Blenda Nordström

"I would like to nominate Ester Blenda Nordström, a pioneering Swedish journalist and adventurer from the early 20th century.

What captivates me about her is her fearless exploration of the unknown and her knack for unraveling the stories of the less-heard. In an era when women were expected to adhere to conventional roles, she ventured into remote and challenging landscapes, documenting the lives of communities often overlooked.

Ester's travels lead her all over the world, through Lapland, India, the African and European continents and she often spent extended times at each place, connecting with otherwise unknown or overlooked communities and cultures."


Jon, Product Owner, Portal / Platina LS, Nottingham: Ada Lovelace

I'm going to nominate Ada Lovelace, who as well as being the daughter of Lord Byron, was a mathematician, a writer and the worlds first computer programmer. She also has a tram named after her in Nottingham


Sofie, Marketing Project Manager, Copenhagen: Women who paved the way

"I am notoriously known for having a hard time limiting myself when I'm excited about something. So Frida K. and I are kicking off the relay with a whole bunch of Nordic, strong women. Women who are portrayed in the Danish book: 'Women who were too much / Damer der var for meget'.

It includes: Victoria Benedictsson, Elin Wägner, Edith Rode, Karen Michaëlis, Agnes Henningsen, Ragnhild Jølsen ... and many many more. 

A group of stubborn, strong, and creative Scandinavian women who made up for the rigid norms of the time and paved the way for our society today. Happy International Women's Day!"


Jan, Product Manager, Stockholm: Aina Wifalk

"A truly unsung hero is Aina Wifalk, the inventor of the walking frame with wheels (rullator). On a side note she also helped my mother recover from a terrible car accident back in the sixties.

Wifalk had polio when she was young and became a champion for people with disabilities, starting up and organizing a lot of things. In addition to the walking frame she also invented the manoped, a training equipment for people recovering from injuries or illness.

My mother tells me that she had great authority and empathy. At the hospital, when Wifalk spoke, regardless of who you where, you listened. She changed many lives to the better."


Jamie, Marketing, Cambridge: Billie Jean King

"Billie Jean King isn't just a tennis champion, she's a pioneer for women's rights. Her legendary 1973 "Battle of the Sexes" victory against Bobby Riggs wasn't just a win on the court. It was a giant leap for equality, watched by a staggering 90 million people worldwide.

Her relentless fight against gender disparity in tennis continues to inspire young players and fans across the world. It's not just her victory that resonates with me, but the lasting impact she's had in the women's rights movement."


Marc, Customer Success and Partner Sales Manager, Cambridge: Joan Clarke

"This lady helped create and inspire (with Alan Turing) the first computer and break an “unbreakable” encryption code (watch The Imitation Game)… If it was not for her… plus the team at Bletchley Park (many of whom were ladies)… we (FP) would not be in business. On the back of their / her efforts in Hut 8, they helped create the IT Industry (first computer) as we know it… (I am sure Steve Jobs / Bill Gates etc would agree)."


Mats, VP Product, Stockholm: Elena Favilli & Francesca Cavallo

"Two women that have had a huge impact on my daily life is Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo - the founders of Rebel Girls (including Timbuktu Labs).

Of everything they do, publishing the "Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls" have changed so many conversations for the better between parents and their kids, that I know for a fact.

I recommend anyone that can read to get all volumes, read them to your dog/cat, your kid, your favorite co-worker - or if you find 2 min. alone time - read it for yourself.”


Gry, Marketing Manager, Copenhagen: 107 Pippi Girls

"Mastering limitations is tough... Especially with so many remarkable and inspiring women out there!

That's why I'd like to recommend this incredible book: "107 Danish Pippi Girls!" Within its pages, you'll meet 107 Danish women from past and present – pioneers, leaders, scientists, queens, and rebels. It's a book filled with stories of brave women who dared to pursue their goals.

Some seized control and stepped into the limelight. Others took innovative actions. A select few are trailblazers who reshaped the world. What binds them together is their inner resolve, saying to themselves, "this is what I want," and pursuing it in their own unique way. Just like Pippi. Embracing both backward and forward strides."

Erik, Consultant, Örebro: Therese Baly

I would like to nominate Therese Baly from our office. She has always contributed to a better, funnier and caring work environment. And she dosen't hesitate to help if you ask her. Ofc she hasn't stopped any wars or raised 500 children but she is making a diffrence in our workplace and that is why I nominate her. 


Michael, Director, Service & Delivery, Örebro: The women in our software development team

"I would like to point out not one but many fantastic women.

As I have a special relation to Ukraine, I know the 8th of march is a really important day to the Ukrainians. I believe many consider it more important than Christmas, and women of all ages  are celebrated all over the country.

With that in mind and the horrible war going on, I would like to celebrate all the fantastic intelligent and brave women I our software development team who is focusing on helping us build software while they are in the middle of a war.

Слава Україні"

Anette, Product Supporter Acadre, Copenhagen: Rosa aka. Momse

"I would like to nominate my husband's mother – Rosa or Momse, as she was called by the entire family. She was an incredibly rare and extraordinary woman whom, unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to meet. She passed away 14 years ago. Yet, when you hear the entire family (all 7 children and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren) speak with shining eyes about Momse, it's a tale of love, respect, pride, hard work, and tenderness.

She managed to give birth to 7 children, lived in a small apartment, and succeeded in building a huge company with, at one point, 80 employees. Before that, they ran a small guesthouse where sacks of potatoes had to be peeled every day and night – all the children were put to work.

Her husband, the father of the children, took his own life when the children were young, and the next husband played blind, drank, and gambled away the money. Despite these challenges, she managed to keep track of the family and the business while driving taxi in the evenings. A company where the entire profit from her business was distributed to the disabled.

The children had to work in the company; no one in her family was allowed to live on social welfare. She was tough but fair and had a caring attitude towards providing job opportunities for troubled youths in her company, where they would pack letters and parcels. She could educate them while instilling new perspectives in them.

Everyone received birthday wishes, and it was known that she would handle and tackle problems for anyone and everyone. When everyone I meet talks about her, I become so fascinated. I have never heard a man talk so much about his mother, but I understand why – Wow a woman."


Kerstin, HR Manager, Copenhagen: Hillary Clinton

"I’ve been thinking long and hard about which woman is an inspiration to me. I get inspired by a lot of - mainly women - on life hacks, aesthetics, attitude, ways of dealing with whatever life throws in our faces – but Inspiration, with a capital I – that is a difficult one. Then I came to think about Hillary Clinton.

I saw a documentary with her some years ago that almost glued me to the screen, because before I only thought of her as Bill Clintons side kick with big glasses, not succeeding in finding a solution on ‘the health care’ issue (which is a huge and complex problem in the US) and the betrayed wife, who somehow managed to live through one of the world most public marriage crisis.

Well, that is also true about Hillary. But she was also one of the first students to give a speech at Wellesley College in 1969. And a woman! One of the first women to study law at Yale. She was named one of the 100 influential lawyers in the US. She was First Lady, Secretary of State, Senator, the first woman to win a presidential nomination and the first woman to run for office. Twice. She is the first female chancellor of the Queens University Belfast, she is a professor of practice at Colombia.

That is remarkable. But what somehow got to me even more, was all the small things related to the fact that she is - a woman. The focus during the years on her hairstyle, her clothing, her shoes, her weight. We don’t have that focus on men, but women often must endure that - and a lot of comments. The clip of a debate during her second presidential campaign, where Donald Trump walks scowling around behind her back while she talks, obviously trying to make her feel uncomfortable. She didn’t. She continued the debate. 

The documentary – which I believe, you can watch at hulu nowadays – also shows her as a warm and fun person."


Sara, Marketing, Stockholm: My mom & Emma Watson

"I would like to nominate my mom, Anna, for being a superwoman, successfully balancing a demanding job as a midwife, while also being as an inspirational role model. She shows that women truly can do it all.

If I can choose two, I would love to include Emma Watson as well. Not only is she an actress, but also a young, and very inspiring activist who stands up for gender equality. "


Henrik, Product Manager, Linköping: Christina Hörnell

"Christina Hörnell, nowadays CEO and Artistic Director of the Malmö Opera. She was conductor of the Linköping University Male Voice Choir for 9 years, where I'm a singer. Apart from her musical skills, she was the best leader I have ever met, and a role-model I often think about when raising my kids.

She always sought to make others grow as singers, as persons and as leaders, always striving for quality. With her long experince, she gently guided us in the right direction when we needed guidance, but she never dragged us forward, rather she fueled our own curiosity and on my way home after internal debates, I realized that by just her choice of words and body language she managed to steer the decisions in the direction that would work best and still made everybody feel that that their position was valid and that we reached a concensus.

In my role as deputy conductor of the choir, she challenged me and let me conduct pieces on stage on big concerts which I am very happy for. She was the only woman in a group of 50 male singers, and I am certain that both she and us singers were completely comfortable in that, with a complete trust in each other."


Robin, Head of Partner Enablement, Cambridge: Katherine Johnson

"I was inspired by the story of the women who were vital to the success of NASA's Apollo program in the 1960's, when I watched the movie 'Hidden Figures'.

The movie is based on the true story (and non-fiction book by Margot Lee Shetterly) of four black women in the US who had to deal with social barriers of the time, while they worked on the mathematics required for space flight.

I am impressed not only by how these women contributed despite the prejudice of the time, but also because their contribution to the space program was so fundamental to its success.

One of the standout women was Katherine Johnson, who was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Congressional Gold Medal and was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame."


Nedbryd barrierer og form fremtiden

Fortællingerne om de kvinder, som vores kolleger har nomineret, er fortællinger om kvinders modstandsdygtighed, beslutsomhed og bidrag inden for både teknologi og videnskab til lederskab og aktivisme.

Lad os følge det gode eksempel, og fortsætte med at nebryde barrierer og forme en fremtid med lige repræsentation af kønnene - også i IT-branchen. Vi ønsker at bidrage til denne udvikling ved at tilbyde vejledning og besvare spørgsmål til dig, der er interesseret i eller har spørgsmål om karrieremulighederne i branchen med særligt fokus på Formpipe, og hjælpe dig godt på vej, hvis du har en drøm om en fremtidig karriere hos os.

Kontakt os her eller gå på opdagelse på vores karriereside allerede i dag.

God kampdag!