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30 June 2022 Blog Product Update Product News Commercial News Autoform DM Banking Application ERP Solutions Document Management Dynamics 365 Private Sector Interview

Autoform DM 10.2 has landed! Here's what you can expect...

Document management just got even easier. Here at Formpipe, we’ve officially released the latest version of Autoform DM, our enterprise-level digital repository. The newly added updates will help save you time, money and stress when it comes to storing and managing your documents.

Autoform DM is a powerful digital archive which offers secure file access and the ability to find and retrieve documents easily and instantly. The latest version (DM 10.2)  promises to offer a smoother user experience with updates including time-saving document sorting & classifying, a clean and modern UI, and quicker user access with the introduction of single sign-on.

Plus, the solution is now 100% web-based in line with Formpipe’s move to SaaS, making access and installation all the more simple for users.

We spoke with Stuart Norman, Product Manager for Autoform DM, who gave us the lowdown on the new features and functionalities that make this DM 10.2 a real step up in the world of digital archiving. Here’s what you can expect.

Easier document import

Autoform 10.2 will allow you to say goodbye to the painful admin which typically comes with document management. Previously, you would have to upload different document types one by one, which could prove time-consuming. Now, you can easily upload them all onto the interface within the same batch and sort them on-screen. Stuart says:

“If we're talking about specifically what this release will give over the last one, a big improvement includes allowing people to take a large batch of documents across different categories e.g. invoices, credit statements, you name it. 

"Rather than pulling one type at a time, you'll be able to throw all those documents together, sort them on screen, remove the junk, index and archive directly to Autoform DM.”

It’s that simple.

You’ll also be pleased to hear that despite these changes, the application still retains the simplicity of previous versions. Stuart says: “So if you've only got one document that you want to archive (perhaps you've received it from a customer), the application works just as well as it would for 30, 40, 50 documents.”

Multi batch sort & processing on doc import

100% web-based

Promising to make the DM application more accessible, flexible and scalable than ever - Autoform DM is now completely web-based. This falls in line with Formpipe’s shift towards cloud technologies to provide customers with the best possible service.

Stuart says:

“Another benefit is that the application and its features are now web-based. In some of the previous versions, our customers were using a thick client application. Now, this new web version replaces one of the core functionalities of that client, which was to import batches of documents.

"The benefit here from a user point of view is that it’s much easier to access the application, and from an administrative point of view, there are huge advantages because it doesn't need to be installed and managed.

"It's available in a web client, which means it's automatically updated. So from a scalability point of view, from a management point of view, and even more so from a cloud point of view, it's a big jump forward.”

Improved user access

The introduction of single sign-on means that user access is quicker, easier, and hassle-free. Don't want the pain of signing in every time you return to your desk? We got you covered. DM 10.2’s centralised approach makes logging in seamless, feeling like it’s part of the corporate environment.

“We’ve had a lot of requests from users who don't want to log in separately with DM, they want to be automatically signed in, which is where single-sign-on comes into play,” says Stuart.

So this is really one for the cloud to a certain extent, but it's really administrative things that this helps with. Now, you can seamlessly move between the different applications without having to log in multiple times, making it just easy to access. Users won’t have to worry about those extra accounts, more passwords, or credentials etc.”

Slicker UI

Formpipe’s developers have worked hard at making the application as easy to use as possible by further improving the User Interface. Advancements include a new preview button when importing documents, plus resizable tables and the introduction of context right-click menus allowing users to declutter the screen. Overall, there’s a slicker design which makes the application easier to navigate. Stuart says:

“This is the culmination of a lot of hard work from developers and a UI perspective, users will see a big difference. This is the first step into using a lot of new technology including easier-to-use front-end technologies that we're really proud of.”

Want to know more about the new features of Autoform DM? You can find all of the documentation for the new features here and a guide on how to use the document import applications here. It’s clear, searchable, and includes all the information & instructions needed to get the most out of DM 10.2. Stuart says:

“Our dedicated Technical Author has been working really closely with the development team to make sure that the product documentation is a higher quality than we've ever had before which is fantastic.

"I believe this is because it’s now so ingrained it within our team to get all the right information at the right time, so we can then share this with our partners and provide our users with an amazing level of care.”

See more information about Autoform DM here, or alternatively, you can book a demo.