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07 September 2023 Blog Lasernet Autoform DM Banking Temenos Private Sector

Formpipe: Your Trusted Communication Partner within Temenos Infinity

As the head of the Business Solutions Group (BSG) at Formpipe, I've helped over 100 banking service providers modernise their services and deliver outstanding customer experiences in the digital age.

From credit unions and microfinance institutions to Tier 1 multinational banks, I've witnessed firsthand how Formpipe's document generation and digital archiving solutions have helped banks of all sizes improve their communication with customers, partners and regulators.

Our 17-year partnership with cloud-native core banking platform Temenos Infinity has solidified our reputation as experts in this field. We have a deep understanding of the solution and its capabilities, and we excel at seamlessly integrating it with your existing core banking systems.

So, if you're a Systems Integrator (SI) considering a Temenos Infinity project, read on to discover how Formpipe can drive your company's digital transformation.

Formpipe + Temenos

Formpipe's expertise and journey with Temenos

Formpipe has been developing document generation software for over 30 years, but our success in the core banking platform industry accelerated around three years ago following the acquisition of EFS Technology.

Our primary offering empowers financial institutions to manage and scale their banking document processes effectively; encompassing the generation of dynamic communications such as customer account statements, letters and portfolio statements — essentially any document that needs to go out to external parties.

In addition, we provide digital archiving and input document management tools, ensuring that banking institutions across a range of verticals (such as retail banking, corporate and private wealth businesses) are equipped with solution-agnostic software for planning and executing seamless customer journeys.

The key benefits of Formpipe's Temenos Infinity integration

Formpipe is integrated at the core of Temenos Infinity, so any document generation, search, import and retrieval request can be facilitated through our platform.

This means that, from day one of deployment, banking institutions can automate the process of generating corporate-branded, highly personalised documents for account holders and partners.

Moreover, Formpipe's pre-integrated capabilities deliver an additional layer of operational benefits, including:

  • Enhanced performance: Our scalable and user-friendly software provides scalable out-of-the-box integrations, including a streamlined loan origination workflow. This process simplifies online loan applications by verifying customer ID through OCR data extraction. The workflow also directs account statement data to Temenos Infinity's AI platform and automatically generates personalised repayment schedules for customers.
  • Paperless banking: Formpipe's efficient documentation processing significantly reduces the reliance on paper documents – aligning with banks' sustainability objectives. Currently, we're developing paperless customer onboarding materials, including welcome letters, to further enhance the digital customer experience.
  • Robust security and compliance controls: We work closely with Temenos to ensure that our document generation software complies with GDPR document deletion and data storage regulations. Whether you're working within an on-prem or cloud-based architecture, we encrypt all data at rest and in transit, ensuring all customer information is logged and protected for archiving and auditing purposes.
  • Delivery support and full training: We simplify Formpipe adoption by assisting SI's with solution delivery and training, so banks can quickly get up and running with Temenos Infinity projects. We also have a technical support portal that contains complete product documentation, news on Formpipe's future updates and helpful answers to FAQs.

Team collaboration

Overcoming integration challenges

Implementing complex systems like Temenos Infinity can be challenging, but Formpipe is here to help you overcome any setbacks.

We can help you deliver your project on time and within budget by offering:

  • Streamlined project delivery: Our integrations and expertise allow us to execute your project efficiently, mitigating the risk of budget overruns or timeline delays.
  • Simple configuration: Our software is easy to implement, so you can choose to take the integration project in-house or work with an SI.
  • Lower implementation costs: Our out-of-the-box templates and integrations reduce the need for extensive customisations, saving you money.
  • Early engagement: We can support every stage of your SI journey but we recommend reaching out early on. Doing so means we can catch mistakes or provide tailored advice to help you avoid additional costs or delays to your project.

Celebrating our core banking platform success stories

We have a long history of collaborating with banks and building societies to implement automated document management processes. We have partnered with trusted SIs like Aspire and Syncordis to deliver successful Infinity projects that have improved customer experiences and operational efficiencies.

One notable example is Hamilton Reserve Bank in St Kitts. This private wealth bank partnered with Formpipe and Aspire to develop a solution based on our REST API. Our involvement in this project helped the bank expedite its digital transformation.

Formpipe has also partnered with smaller banks, including digital banking lenders and charity banks. These partnerships further demonstrate our adaptability to diverse banking needs, as well as our dedication to helping all banks achieve their communication goals – regardless of project size or complexity.

Loan origination

Formpipe's role in helping SI's stay ahead of the digital curve

In a rapidly changing technological landscape, Formpipe is a key partner for banks and building societies that want to stay ahead of the competition.

Our commitment to customisable document generation, compliance, and security helps financial institutions meet consumer demand for hyper-personalised and modernised services.

Formpipe is here to guide you in your digital transformation journey

If you're an SI considering partnering with Formpipe for your Temenos Infinity projects, I encourage you to engage with us early in your deployment process.

Leveraging our expertise sooner rather than later will help you save time and money in navigating the complexities of modern banking and help keep your customers' document needs at the forefront of your offering.

Formpipe is here to streamline your banking documentation and customer communication processes and make them future-proof. So, if you would like to find out more, click here, or just get in touch with us now.

Tom Hurrion
Head of Business Solutions