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28 November 2023 Blog Lasernet Banking Temenos Private Sector

Temenos 30-Year Anniversary: A Journey of Innovation, Partnership, and Continuous Growth

As the banking technology landscape evolves at an unprecedented pace, celebrating Temenos’ remarkable 30th anniversary stands as a testament to its pivotal role in this dynamic market. Join us on this journey as we travel through years of innovation, partnership, and continuous growth.


The Early Days


17 years ago, we forged a partnership with Temenos, driven by a shared vision of empowering banks with seamless user experiences and modern core banking capabilities. The banking technology landscape was brimming with both challenges and opportunities, and Temenos stood out as a visionary pioneer destined to become a leader in banking software.

Mike Rogers, Head of Private Sector at Formpipe, who was instrumental in setting up the partnership, recalls how it all happened:

The Temenos relationship came about based on us having a mutual customer in Guernsey that was already using their software. Lasernet was a big part of the project, generating all of the customer’s documents, so it was clear from that point we could work comfortably with the data that Temenos was producing. About the same time we were also looking to change from end-user sales, to partner sales, so we approached all vendors that supplied data to Lasernet. Having just met Temenos and seen their solution, we knew we had to get in touch. I remember sending an email to sales @ Temenos, simply saying we have a joint customer and we were interested in working together. That got us an invitation to discuss what we could bring to the Temenos offering. I think that email will go down in history as one of the most game-changing that we’ve ever sent!


The Formpipe - Temenos Partnership     


The alliance between Formpipe and Temenos wasn't just a collaboration; it was a fusion of innovation and determination on both sides. The partnership took flight with ambitious goals, laying the groundwork for groundbreaking solutions. From humble beginnings, to becoming a ‘go-to’ partner, the evolution was swift yet strategic.

The partnership between Formpipe and Temenos was a natural fit. Formpipe, with its expertise in communication and document management, complemented Temenos' innovative banking software solutions. Together, the two companies were able to provide banks with a comprehensive solution that met their needs for a modern, flexible, and scalable banking platform. We are proud to have been the first partners to ever be onboarded into the Temenos Exchange, Temenos’ fintech market place and one of the first solutions available on the Temenos Banking Cloud. We have always been an early adopter of Temenos' new strategies and continue to be a leader in their partner ecosystem.



Milestones and Success Stories


Over the years, this partnership has witnessed remarkable milestones and achievements. It's not just about technological advancements; it's about the tangible impact on our clients' success stories. The collaboration bore fruit in projects that quite literally reshaped banking experiences on the high street.

One of the most significant milestones in the partnership was the implementation of Temenos' core banking solution at Metro Bank UK. It was a complex project, but nevertheless it was successfully completed on time and within budget. This helped to solidify the reputation of both Formpipe and Temenos as trusted partners in the banking industry, and allowed Metro Bank to be the first to offer a 15 minute current account onboarding, which at the time was unheard of.

“It is the ultimate test of the robustness of the integration of Formpipe with Temenos Transact, that every new store implementation has been virtually ‘copy and paste’ and pays testimony to the effort that both companies have put in. Indeed, it has been a major contributing factor to the success of the UK Metro Bank launch.”

 - David Gould, at Metro Bank


Formpipe has consistently earned Temenos' Solution Provider of the Year award, a remarkable feat that highlights our exceptional solutions and services. This unwavering recognition underscores the value that Lasernet has brought to the banking industry, enabling financial institutions worldwide to streamline their document composition, distribution, archiving and retrieval, all whilst enhancing the customer experience.



Temenos' 30th Anniversary Celebration


The milestone of reaching three decades in the industry shows remarkable resilience, adaptability, and innovation. Head of Banking at Formpipe, Ben Saxton, acknowledges this:

It’s an honour for Formpipe to participate in the Temenos anniversary celebrations and what a great achievement it is to be present in such a competitive industry for 30 years.

We are extremely proud of the role that we play in Temenos’ success as one of their trusted exchange partners, our customer communication management solution contributing significantly to ensure the Temenos solution meets the requirements of our shared clients.

With an ever growing range of banking solutions and existing business in every banking vertical and geography, we are looking forward to seeing Temenos continue to grow well into their thirties.



Banking Technology Evolution


Temenos’ contributions to banking technology are unforgettable. From pioneering innovations, to adapting to industry trends, they have advanced their offerings to support this ever-changing landscape. From the ubiquitous rise of mobile phone use, to the transition from in-branch to internet banking solutions, their impact on reshaping the financial landscape has been profound. The ripple effect of Temenos’ work reverberates throughout the industry. Our close collaboration with Temenos has enabled us to continuously adapt our solutions to market trends and meet the expectations of our partners and customers.

“For more than 15 years, Temenos and Formpipe have innovated through teamwork and trust. This synergy enables us to push forward together with a harmonious vision of continuous improvement that guarantees success for both organizations.” 

- Martin Bailey, Product Director Innovation & Ecosystem Temenos 


Temenos has been at the forefront of innovation in banking technology for over 30 years. The company was one of the first to develop a core banking solution that was based on open standards and that could be deployed on a variety of hardware platforms. This made it easier for banks to adopt Temenos' software and to integrate them with their existing systems. Throughout our partnership we’ve ensured our integrations with Temenos have always connected seamlessly and performed beyond expectations. As highlighted by Tom Hurrion, Head of Business Solutions at Formpipe, “With L1 integration into Temenos’ flagship products, we are committed to a proactive approach and always delivering the best outcomes for the customer. Partnering with Temenos, we are always analysing customer journeys to identify and address pain points. This collaboration enables us to develop innovative solutions that ultimately enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty”.


The Future of our collaboration


Looking ahead, the partnership between Formpipe and Temenos is marked by a shared commitment to innovation. The roadmap charts new horizons, anticipating collaborative growth and advancements in technology. This includes our new Azure AI services, which can be used for a variety of functions and solutions that address business operational needs alongside ESG concerns.

Having worked with Temenos throughout the whole partnership, Marc Jenkins,   Strategic Account Manager at Formpipe, couldn’t agree more:
“It has been a real privilege to work with Temenos over the past 17 years, helping to deliver successful solutions to our expansive and varied customer base across the world. I certainly see our partnership continuing to evolve and strengthen against the ever-changing technological and regulatory landscape. I believe we are well-positioned to take advantage of the growth of the digital banking market and bring real value to financial institutions of any size. The partnership between Formpipe and Temenos is a bright one and I’m excited to see what the future will bring”.


Click here to learn more about Formpipe's integration into the Temenos product suite.

Contact us here to discover how Formpipe can help you enhance your core banking platform and elevate your customer experience.



Jamie Oliver
Marketing Social Media Executive