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Municipality of Kolding

Municipality of Kolding experienced a slightly different roll-out of Adoxa than planned. As a result of a human error, the system was rolled out to 2,200 employees who, after a holiday, came back to a whole new IT system. Even though it was a mistake, the system is a huge success in the municipality today.

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From human error to successful system roll-out of Adoxa

Some experience that the plants have been moved around or that the coffee machine has been replaced when they return from holiday. And then there are 2,200 employees in Municipality of Kolding who came back from holiday to a completely new IT system - without notice.

An error had occurred. A human error where a new compliance system had been rolled out to the employees. The system was called Adoxa, and today the error has been turned into a gift for the municipality, which chose to continue the rollout, and today they have much more control over their data.

Although it was a mistake, the municipality has been taking about Adoxa for a while.

- We have talked about Adoxa for some time and knew that the system should be rolled out in the organization, so in recent months the focus has been on planning the upcoming rollout, explains Randi Tøndering, ESDH coordinator in Municipality of Kolding.

Therefore, the municipality chose to test the system before it was implemented, and it could be done appropriately because the employees were on vacation. But by mistake, Adoxa was rolled out to all users of the ESDH system, Acadre, which is also provided by Formpipe.

Thus, the employees showed up to emails about documents in Acadre that needed to be looked at. Adoxa quickly became part of the everyday life in the Municipality of Kolding.

- We quickly agreed to continue the rollout with the full support of the management. For the first three weeks, we were two people who only used time for supporting the employees, and we could immediately see that many users quickly used the system successfully, explains Randi Tøndering.


Positive feedback on an easy system

Randi Tøndering says that the implementation of Adoxa went easily, and most of the questions were not about the system.

- In a short time, we communicated about Adoxa to all our users. We work together with the IT department, and many of the questions were whether it was spam and not quetions about the system itself.

Adoxa is a compliance system that ensures that a municipality or company is compliant with protected data, GDPR, sensitive personal information and everything else that must be managed in relation to compliance with existing rules.

But even though it is alpha and omega to be compliant in a municipality or large company, it may not be the highest priority for employees in a busy and hectic everyday life with many tasks. Nevertheless, the ESDH coordinator finds that the employees have responded incredibly positively to Adoxa.

- Our users just used the system right away. It is really an easy tool which is intuitive and user friendly. That is the main reason why it could be done. The employees even started cleaning up data even though we haven’t mentioned it.  

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Locked over 22,000 documents in a short time

The mail that was ticked in after the holiday only referred to the checked documents in Acadre, which had to be checked in to be compliant. However, a lot of rules in Adoxa were activated anyway, and therefore the employees acted themselves.

After short time, more than 22,000 unlocked documents with open access to documents and CPR numbers had been locked and secured, says Randi Tøndering and elaborates:

- After the first week, half of the checked documents had been checked in. It is a great pleasure to follow how our data quality is being improved day by day.

Could not have wished for a better system

The introduction to Adoxa was unexpected, but still Municipality of Kolding is incredibly satisfied with the mistake that was made.

- Our users have welcomed the system, and it has already created positive results for our data quality, says Randi Tøndering.

The employees in Municipality of Kolding started talking about controlling data because of Adoxa and therefore the municipality is left with a good feeling and excitement about the system.

With that in mind, we could not have wished for a better rollout than we got, concludes Randi Tøndering.

(Please note that the interviewed persons in this customer case may no longer work at the company. We strive to present accurate information but cannot guarantee that all details are current.)