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From NemID to MitID

The Agency of Digitization and Formpipe
bring all of Denmark onto the new digital track

For some, keeping track of emails in a busy inbox can be overwhelming – especially those who are still waiting for a response. Now imagine multiplying that overwhelming feeling by having the entire Danish population in your contact book!

The Agency of Digitization faced this very challenge when they were launching their campaign for the transition to MitID, in collaboration with Finans Danmark. The Office for MitID and NemID needed a digital frontrunner that could systematize and provide an overview of who should receive which type of communication, thus streamlining their workflows. This is where Formpipe stepped in and showcased Lasernet, their output management solution.

The Agency of Digitization

The Tactical Contact Book

The Agency of Digitization and Finans Danmark are behind MitID and are also responsible for its dissemination.

The entire Danish population needed to be informed about the transition, which required an extensive campaign. The nationwide campaigns reached a large part of the population, but specific groups of citizens needed to be informed through targeted Digital Post letters, such as NemID users without a Danish online bank account, residing both inside and outside Denmark.

In this context, the Office for MitID and NemID lacked a digital frontrunner that could effectively send out Digital Post letters. Again, Formpipe were able to demonstrate how Lasernet could support the tactical campaign track.


Liberated from Overwhelming Amounts of Data

Julie Rasmussen, a communications officer at the Agency of Digitization, is one of those behind the nationwide campaign, including the Digital Post letters. There were vast amounts of data that needed to be managed before each citizen could receive a letter. It required many hours in front of the screen and large data sheets to organize those who were exempt from Digital Post and thus needed physical mail.

"We had very specific needs to reach certain target groups with a specific message at a specific time," says Julie Rasmussen, explaining that the Lasernet solution helped her, and the team, create a better overview.

Lasernet sorted the information about the different citizens that she had access to and organized them systematically. All the tedious manual work became automated, and Julie gained the necessary overview of all the data, allowing her to send letters to the right recipients.


Time-Saving Data Access with Lasernet

"Formpipe's solution helped us extract a lot of data and do the sorting work for us, making it easier for us to figure out who should receive which letter and who we didn't have enough information on to send physical mail," says Julie.

She was spared the task of going through thousands of data rows one by one, to check if there was enough information – as Lasernet took care of that for her. Instead, Julie only had to focus on the citizens who were missing information. Time was saved, and the stack of returned mail was reduced – a win-win situation for everyone involved.


The Envelope Demonstrates Its Strength in the Digital Era

Sending physical mail is not only a complex process but also expensive, especially when the letters are returned.

"We needed data sorting to figure out what we were dealing with. It doesn't make sense to send physical letters to people for whom we don't have enough address information because they will just be returned. And that costs money," explains Julie, highlighting how Formpipe's sorting work gave her a better overview of those with insufficient information.

In this way, she avoided sending a lot of mail that would end up being returned – along with a postage bill – due to missing information.


"S" for Success

With 20 years of experience in digital administration, Formpipe delved into the core of the problem faced by Julie and her team and introduced Lasernet.

"It was evident that they knew what they were doing and genuinely wanted us to succeed," says Julie Rasmussen.

The experience from similar projects meant that the Formpipe team knew the importance of proactive communication for the customer.

"Formpipe called regularly to follow up and see how things were going. They also came to us for meetings when we needed them," says Julie, adding that it was reassuring to know that Formpipe was there and invested in the success of the project.

Lasernet became a sought-after commodity

After a successful collaboration and smooth process, Formpipe's Lasernet has been implemented in several offices of the Agency of Digitization. The scalability and user-friendliness have allowed even more employees to operate and utilize the system today.

And at Formpipe, we have been able to contribute to creating a future digital society with a focus on people and the best solutions.

(Please note that the interviewed persons in this customer case may no longer work at the company. We strive to present accurate information but cannot guarantee that all details are current)