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26 December 2021 Blog

Invest in digital cloud services – get the whole organization on board

The digitalization in the Public Sector is not a new phenomenon. According to the government’s directive and the current regulations, it is practically a requirement that you have digital solutions for diary management in place. But one of the greater challenges lies in getting all employees to use the digital systems and new cloud services. The solution? A flexible cloud service such as Teams for Platina and Teams for W3D3. 

Today the expectations for municipalities, authorities and the public sector to be both efficient and secure in their record keeping are high. Therefore, an increasing number of organizations choose to invest in cloud services to facilitate the workload for administrators.  

Yet, while digitalization has made it easier to work remotely, and provided organizations with efficient solutions and flexible functions, there are still great challenges present. How do you safely use the services, and how do you get employees to want to use the systems at all?  

Here we share our two new products Teams for Platina and Teams for W3D3, and how they can solve both of these challenges.  

With Teams for Platina and Teams for W3D3 you cover the entire process. These services offer features that are user-friendly and efficient for all users. From incoming information, to information management and archiving according to the National Archive’s directives, says Tomas Maurd, business development manager for the public sector at Formpipe 

What is Teams for Platina and Teams for W3D3, and how do they work? 

Teams for Platina and Teams for W3D3 are applications in Microsoft Teams that facilitate the workload for both administrators and managers. Your administrators can easily keep records in the system and there are flexible processes for all document- and case management. 

Managers and administrators can work in the same document on one case simultaneously, and then record them directly in the system. It is easy to collaborate, register, edit, review and comment in the document from your computer or phone without it becoming an insecure process.  

The functional diary thus supports your administrators toward a more efficient and secure manner of working, that can be done remotely or in the office. All public documents are stored in the same place, and administrators are no more required to shift between different applications. The documents are easy to locate, quick to release upon request and archived. Because you can safely share the documents within the same system, you avoid time- consuming and risky steps, where employees and managers email information between one another.  

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What are the advantages? 

 Systems that are hard to navigate are risky. Many employees tend not to use new services at all, which make you processes and your information exchange vulnerable. Teams for Platina and Teams for W3D3 are based on Microsoft Teams, which makes it easy for your employees to start using the new services directly. The employees are used to the interface and no further training is required.  

At Formpipe, we think that it should be easy to do things correctly. Today, most workplaces are already based on the Microsoft products. These services are therefore both recognizable and user-friendly. The habit of navigating those systems already exists and the interface is the same, says Tomas.   

What are the challenges? 

With Teams for Platina and Teams for W3D3, organizations are given larger control. Here there are routines and secure processes in place for record keeping, information exchange and archiving. The great risk that information can be downloaded locally and be stored on local servers and hard drives or easily accessed by email goes away completely.  

Teams for Platina and Teams for W3D3 are a safer alternative. Formpipe work with confidentiality, the GDPR and EU directives daily. These new applications are based on those guidelines, says Tomas. 

Cloud services are an important step in today’s digitalization. With the new services in place, the organization can work more efficiently with flexible solutions for administrators and managers alike.  

There is no stopping these collaborative platforms. After the pandemic, more and more organizations have moved towards using cloud-based services and have found great value in them. Teams for Platina and Teams for W3D3 make it easy to initiate the process. Implementing the system throughout the organization can be done quickly and the information exchange is done in a safe way if it is done the right way with the right support, Tomas Maurd continues.  

With the recommendations from Formpipe you get a flow of information in place that is both efficient and secure. In addition, there is support to make sure that the processes of record keeping are flexible, from start to finish.  

This is the smartest move for continued digitalization, Tomas Maurd, business development manager at Formpipe, concludes.  

— This is the smartest move for continued digitalization, Tomas Maurd, business development manager at Formpipe, concludes.  

Interested in knowing how Teams for Platina and Teams for W3D3 can support your organization in the digitalization process? Let us guide you! Book a demo here. 

Read more and book a demo for Teams for Platina/W3D3 here >>