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15 December 2021 Blog Article Interview

Solution Management by Formpipe – A profitable and proactive investment

Do your system administrators and IT technicians sit on several chairs at the same time? Do they lack the time or skills to work proactively with your system support? Then Solution Management by Formpipe is a flexible tool that is safe for your business going forward, without technical delays. We talked with the Solution Manager at Formpipe, Johnny Ählström, about the challenges many organizations have and how Solution Management by Formpipe can ease and streamline the systems.

All companies want a smooth and seamless transition when updating their IT systems. But today, organizations and authorities lack both the power and the time to work proactively with IT development.

- Many system administrators feel that they don’t have the right conditions to create a nice transition from the old versions, system and services. It’s a challenge to be the link between the supplier and the company you’re working in, says Johnny Ählström, solution manager at Formpipe.

A small IT department that handles their own Formpipe product doesn’t always have the ability to drive the development entirely on their own. Even bigger companies can get behind when larger and more urgent errands get prioritized. It will not only be expensive but prevent the development of the company.

- All of our customers buy support and maintenance with our products. Although we do see a need of personal management. Solution Management by Formpipe is just that. We take responsibility for all the changes that are being executed and make sure they seamlessly come with the next upgrade. With the subscription your organization gets a fast and safe guidance, customized after your business, Johnny Ählström continues.

Why Solution Management by Formpipe?

With Solution Management by Formpipe your organization have personal support and a dedicated contact that works with a team of developers, support- and delivery technicians, with support of a solution architect.

When you have one of Formpipes current services and products, Solution Management by Formpipe also give you:

  • A dedicated Solution Manager that handles your errand straight away and make sure it’s prioritized by the right people. You can in other words be sure that you get the help you need, fast.
  • Fast and personal support that originates from your system and challenges. All adjustments and customer specifik solution is covered.
  • Jointly planning for the future. With the great knowledge of product development Formpipe can tailor a solution from your requests. We have a jointly planning of the year, gives support, manage and develop your system use.

In this way your business development takes you forward and in the right direction. Formpipe has a overall competence around your system and the unique setting which means that the support is tailored after your needs and can be fitted after the challenges in the future.

- With Solution Management by Formpipe you never need to think about updates and how new versions will affect your system, you can be sure that your solution managers have the support they need and that all of the development will happen without any problems, says Johnny Ählström.

This means that the organization avoids expensive and unexpected situations. You can safely work proactive with a well functioned development.

Eases the work on long as well as short term

The need of support differs between the public and private sector. But the value is the same. To know how and what the next step is with support that suits your challenges.

- Small organizations that have a growth journey a head of them gets help from this service, to do just that, grow. In larger organizations a dedicated solution manager helps you to get an overview on the entire business so you can work more effectively. In the public sector where the IT-department in smaller municipalities we help reinforce the competence, Johnny Ählström continues.

No matter what the challenge are the Solution Management by Formpipe facilitates the future work of development. By working proactively, the organizations get a clear overview of what the needs are now, in the future and when they’ll need support.

- The management isn’t just about questions regarding support. In short term we can immediately build new structures and workflows that will streamline the organization. In long term the management will facilitate by erasing question marks and concerns. We have continuous meetings with the customer, the customer managers and product developers where we go through how you would like to evolve and which tools that you might need to help you achieve your goals, says Johnny Ählström.

How to avoid unpredictable expences

With Solution Management by Formpipe the organization avoids unpredictable expences and slow upgrades that would risk to slowing down the development of the business.

- The value is high – with Solution Management by Formpipe you’ll get a high return of investment. Expert consultants that can help and solve challenges you experience, we can also provide courses for employees in areas you feel there’s a lack of knowledge. In this way, you secure the system and have improvements in place when your system needs to be updated, Johnny Ählström continues.

With the proactive planning and support, the organization does’nt need to bring in the external help whenever there’s a problem. You get a clear picture of the cost in total.

- In addition, you don’t have to waste your own resources internally. You get all the expert help you need. It’s an investment for the future, Johnny Ählström, Solution Manager at Formpipe.

Curious to know more about Solution Management by Formpipe? Read more about it and book a meeting with one of our experts here >>>

6 Benefits - How Solution Management by Formpipe helps you:

  • A dedicated solution manager always prioritizes your affairs and provides personal support tailored after your challenges.
  • We take responsibility for your adaptations working properly for future upgrades.
  • A tailor-made and proactive management plan is carried out by you and Formpipe's solution manager.
  • Support, planning and the opportunity to use a solution architect in the proactive and developing work, which gives you an overview of your expenses.
  • You save on internal resources.
  • You get a profitable solution with a high and secure delivery.