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UNICEF Denmark optimizes form printing with Lasernet.

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Three good reasons UNICEF Denmark chose Lasernet

Manuela Munkstrup, Head of IT at UNICEF Denmark explains the benefits of Lasernet:

“There are three good reasons why we chose to implement Lasernet: Firstly, Lasernet is not dependent on a printer, in contrast to our previous form printing system. Next, we can perform the programming and preparation directly in Lasernet which we would otherwise have to do in our financial management system. It’s a huge benefit to us, saving both time and money. Last but not least we can easily and efficiently reuse the forms we make in Lasernet when we switch from using Concorde XAL to Dynamics AX as an ERP system”, says Manuela

Old system for printing forms created problems

For many years, UNICEF Denmark has successfully printed forms from their financial management system using overlays in the printer.

They handled various forms in this way, such as the printing out of invoices for example. However, it became very difficult to keep the old system going, as Manuela explains:

“We experienced major problems with acquiring both hardware and support for the old system, Lexmark Optra Forms, that we used for form printing. To put it another way, there was no assistance to be had if the printer needed to be replaced, needed service, or if we needed ordinary support on the general usage options of our system. We gradually came to the conclusion that it wasn’t sustainable for us to be dependent on a system for the printing of forms. Especially since we couldn’t be sure that such a vital part of our business processes could be performed relatively problem-free”.

Lasernet, the answer to the problems

UNICEF Denmark found the solution to this problem by consulting with their partner of many years, Datacon, who quickly pointed them to Lasernet as the clear solution for their needs.

As Datacon was already to be helping UNICEF Denmark with the impending unveiling of Dynamics AX as a new financial management system, it was an easy step for UNICEF Denmark to take their advice on another project, as Manuela states:

“Our collaboration with Datacon functioned very smoothly from the beginning to the end of the project. Besides, it has to be said, that we’ve also saved a good deal of time and resources by approaching a partner who is already well familiar with our organization and the challenges we face. We didn’t want the trouble of searching the market for attractive partners and document management solutions, issue specifications of requirements and then having a pile of diverse and complicated offers to assess. We quickly got underway with the process without drowning in unnecessary work, and Lasernet has proven to be the answer to our needs.”

No costly programming in the ERP system

The second benefit of Lasernet, which is of great importance to UNICEF Denmark, is that it has done away with the need to spend time and money making changes to invoices, order slips etc. directly in the financial management system.

Had they simply dropped Lexmark Optra Forms they could have easily been in the same position as many other companies and organizations, and have had to use large sums of money on programming everything into the financial management system. Instead, they can now be heartily pleased with the many new functionalities which Lasernet offers compared to the old form printing system:

“There’s no doubt that Lasernet is a flexible and powerful tool, which enables us to immediately undertake both minor and major design changes. Boxes, text and frames in our invoices can be prepared so they look good and are easily grasped. An additional benefit is that we also save paper, as some of our forms can now be printed on one page instead of two. It’s certainly nice to have this additional benefit,” Manuela confirms.

Lasernet protects UNICEF's ERP Data for the future

Soon UNICEF Denmark will begin the implementation of Dynamics AX as their new financial management system. Without the investment in Lasernet, this implementation would have caused major problems.

Manuela concludes:

“If we’d lost all the information we’d entered during the use of the respective forms in Concorde XAL by switching to Dynamics AX, it would have had unforeseen consequences for us. Not only would we have to reprogram it all again but in the case of further upgrades to our ERP system in the future, we could risk losing all of what we had painstakingly re-entered. By opting for Lasernet we’re now future-proof against losing ERP system information.”

At UNICEF Denmark they already have a pretty good idea about how Lasernet can be used in the future to raise the level of service which both private individuals and businesses can naturally expect when they buy from UNICEF Denmark. Head of Administration at UNICEF Denmark Thomas Andersen adds:

“One of the things we’d like to continue working on after our implementation of Dynamics AX is to give the customers an option of receiving an SMS or e-mail confirming that their goods have been sent when they have shopped at our online shop or with the postal order division. It will simply give the customers a feeling of better service from us if we can introduce this new procedure. Furthermore, at the same time, we will provide track and trace numbers from Post Danmark, so the customers can themselves track their goods’ progress via the Internet. Customers will no doubt wish to know as quickly as possible when their goods will arrive, and if they may have been delayed or temporarily sold out.”

“Technically, we can perhaps introduce this system by means of our current gateway solution for customers ordering via the Internet, but it is only by using Lasernet that there will be a future option to the benefit of all our customers, regardless of their method of ordering,” Thomas concludes.